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Card sharing Servers Hosting

Yes you read it right we can host your dream card sharing server.
if you are afraid of legal problems or don't have enough technical knowledge or time to
build your dream card sharing server. we can do it for you.
How ?
It's as easy as sending us the cards you wanna share and we will take care of the installation
maintenance and protect you from any troubles with the laws.
If you can't send us the cards we will do the subscription for you or buy them for you too.
As soon as your server is operational and ready you will get an email with detailed information
and with the user name and password to access and modify your CCcam.cfg files start restart
the server add as many users as you want or remove them.
we support all the major cams available.

Here is the costs of hosting with us.

- There is an installation fees 20$
- Hosting hosting fees 20$/per month
- Maintenance
   1 ) can be payed either per intervention
   2 ) or a small monthly maintenance fee which will  include all interventions plus technical
       support and our technicians will check frequently the performance of the server and make
       everything is working properly. 20 $/ per month
- as for cards you can either send us the cards or pay us to buy it for you.
If you want us to buy the card for you the cost is the standard cost you have to pay the car provider for
the package you choose

for more information Contact Us